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Remote Sensing and GIS Based Assessment of Land Degradation and Implications for Ghana’s Ecological Zones

The Modified Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use Model was adapted to model desertification and land degradation, which resulted in the production of a land degradation risk map for Ghana. In addition to the modeling, satellite image based land cover classification results from 2000 to 2008 showed evidence of approximately 880.006 sq km of land degradation [...]

Pyrolysis and Char Characterization of Refuse-Derived Fuel Components- TERA

This work concentrates on the pyrolysis and char characterization of a refuse-derived fuel (RDF), produced from municipal solid waste, and five of its components, namely, nonpackaging paper, food, textile, low-density polyethylene film, LDPE, and packaging polypropylene wastes. Specifically, this work characterizes physically and chemically the materials, examines the pyrolysis and oxidation patterns of the RDF [...]

High Solids Loading Pretreatment of Olive Tree Pruning with Dilute Phosphoric Acid for Bioethanol Production by Escherichia coli- TERA

This paper deals with a new approach for using olive tree pruning biomass as raw material for ethanol and other chemical production. This process includes a water extraction step, followed by a high solids loading dilute phosphoric acid pretreatment and an ethanologenic Escherichia coli fermentation for the conversion of all of the sugars released. Results [...]

Cogasification of Australian Brown Coal with Algae in a Fluidized Bed Reactor- TERA

Recently, the use of algae for CO2 abatement, wastewater treatment, and energy production has increasingly gained attention worldwide. In order to explore the potential of using algae as an alternative fuel as well as the possible challenges related to the algae gasification process, two species of macroalgae, Derbesia tenuissima and Oedogonium sp., and one type [...]

Digester Gas Upgrading to Synthetic Natural Gas in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells- TERA

This study analyses the electrochemical and energy performance of the integrated process through which all the carbon contained in digester gas is converted/upgraded to methane-rich gas. The electrochemical dissociation of the CO2 contained in the digester gas to CH4 (with the addition of external demineralized water) is one way of cleverly exploiting the carbon content [...]

Long-term decline of the Amazon carbon sink- TERA

Here we analyse the historical evolution of the biomass dynamics of the Amazon rainforest over three decades using a distributed network of 321 plots. While this analysis confirms that Amazon forests have acted as a long-term net biomass sink, we find a long-term decreasing trend of carbon accumulation. Rates of net increase in above-ground biomass [...]

Increase in water harvesting needed in Africa- TERA

Management of green water for rain-fed, small-scale farming is integral to eradicating hunger. But it is missing from the draft United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will be agreed in September. A dedicated water goal that includes science-based targets and indicators is essential and must receive attention during the SDG negotiations in New York [...]

Rare-earth recycling using a functionalized ionic liquid- TERA

Chemists in Belgium have shown how an intriguing ionic liquid they developed 10 years ago can recover valuable rare earth metals from stockpiles of used fluorescent lamps and magnets. Researchers at the University of Leuven realised an ionic liquid, [Hbet][Tf2N], they developed in 2006 could be the answer due to its ability to selectively dissolve certain metal oxides. [...]

Making non-toxic anti-freeze better- TERA

Replacing toxic ethylene glycol – the principal component of antifreezes and de-icers – with the food additive propylene glycol, and adding nanoparticles to improve the mixture’s properties, researchers at US company ACTA Technologyhave created an antifreeze formula that they say is safer, more environmentally friendly and performs better than existing products. Article

Vapor hydrogen and oxygen isotopes reflect water of combustion in the urban atmosphere- TERA

Anthropogenic modification of the water cycle involves a diversity of processes, many of which have been studied intensively using models and observations. Effective tools for measuring the contribution and fate of combustion-derived water vapor in the atmosphere are lacking, however, and this flux has received relatively little attention. We provide theoretical estimates and a first [...]