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A new health check of the ozone layer at global and regional scales: results equivocal

How effective is the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty aimed at protecting the stratospheric ozone layer? Since the treaty was adopted in 1989, manufacturers have gradually stopped producing numerous chemicals that deplete ozone. Scientists have predicted that ozone will recover as a result. Coldewey-Egbers et al. use an extensive data set to test whether recovery [...]

Thawing lake bottoms also store large quantities of carbon- TERA

Lakes that form in thawing permafrost emit substantial amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. It emerges that large quantities of carbon can also be stored in sediments at the lake bottoms. doi:

Efficient Utilization of Greenhouse Gases in a Gas-to-Liquids Process Combined with CO2/Steam-Mixed Reforming and Fe-Based Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis- TERA

Two process models for carbon dioxide utilized gas-to-liquids (GTL) process (CUGP) mainly producing light olefins and Fischer–Tropsch (F–T) synthetic oils were developed by Aspen Plus software. Both models are mainly composed of a reforming unit, an F–T synthesis unit and a recycle unit, while the main difference is the feeding point of fresh CO2. In [...]

Comparative in Vitro Toxicity of Nitrosamines and Nitramines Associated with Amine-based Carbon Capture and Storage- TERA

Amine-based CO2 capture is a prime contender for the first full-scale implementation of CO2 capture at fossil fuel-fired power plants postcombustion. However, the formation of potentially carcinogenic N-nitrosamines and N-nitramines from reactions of flue gas NOx with the amines presents a potential risk for contaminating airsheds and drinking water supplies. Setting regulatory emission limits is [...]

Demonstration of an Ethane Spectrometer for Methane Source Identification- TERA

Methane is an important greenhouse gas and tropospheric ozone precursor. Simultaneous observation of ethane with methane can help identify specific methane source types. Aerodyne Ethane-Mini spectrometers, employing recently available mid-infrared distributed feedback tunable diode lasers (DFB-TDL), provide 1 s ethane measurements with sub-ppb precision. In this work, an Ethane-Mini spectrometer has been integrated into two [...]

Do Antiparasitic Medicines Used in Aquaculture Pose a Risk to the Norwegian Aquatic Environment?- TERA

Aquaculture production is an important industry in many countries and there has been a growth in the use of medicines to ensure the health and cost effectiveness of the industry. This study focused on the inputs of sea lice medication to the marine environment. Diflubenzuron, teflubenzuron, emamectin benzoate, cypermethrin, and deltamethrin were measured in water, [...]

Assessing US EPA’s Determination of the Role for CO2 Capture and Storage in New Coal Versus Gas Fired Power Plants- TERA

On September 20, 2013, the US Environmental and Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a revised rule for “Standards of Performance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units”. These performance standards set limits on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that can be emitted per megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generation from new [...]

Global Natural Gas Fugitive Emissions Rates Recalculated: 2-4% Since 2000- TERA

The amount of methane emissions released by the natural gas (NG) industry is a critical and uncertain value for various industry and policy decisions, such as for determining the climate implications of using NG over coal. Previous studies have estimated fugitive emissions rates (FER)—the fraction of produced NG (mainly methane and ethane) escaped to the [...]

Water Scarcity in China Heading for Crisis Levels- TERA

Water footprints and virtual water flows have been promoted as important indicators to characterize human-induced water consumption. However, environmental impacts associated with water consumption are largely neglected in these analyses. Incorporating water scarcity into water consumption allows better understanding of what is causing water scarcity and which regions are suffering from it. In this study, [...]

Pesticides linked to bird declines

Decreases in bird numbers are most rapid in areas that are most heavily polluted with neonicotinoids, suggesting that the environmental damage inflicted by these insecticides may be much broader than previously thought. doi: http:/./